Monte Gordo, Portugal


Spent last week in the small town Monte Gordo in Portugal, very close to the spanish border.The beach is very long. Most of the time there were fairly strong winds, but many people stayed at the beach anyway.dsc_3893wxs400.jpgdsc_3605wx400.jpg

Close up.dsc_3925wxs400.jpg

There were fishing boats on the beach. A tractor pulled them in and out of the water.dsc_3620wxs400.jpg

A fisherman cleaning his net.dsc_3621wxs400.jpg

Dogs on guard.dsc_3588wxxs400.jpg

Monte Gordo is popular as a training camp, both for elite athletes and ordinary people who wants to stay fit.dsc_3689wxs400.jpg

We went to the little mountain village Odeleite to participate in an 11 km long mountain walk.dsc_3885wxs400.jpg

The walk was though in the terrain. In the valley oranges grew on trees, smelling wonderful.dsc_3790wx.jpgdsc_3727wx400.jpg

Finally our goal in sight.dsc_3836wx400.jpg

All images were done with a Nikon D300 DSLR with a 18-200VR zoom lens. I wrote a more detailed hands-on report about the lens here.

Larger images, and more, here.


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  1. […] I mentioned in my photoblog I used a Nikkor 18-200 VR lens for a week in Monte Gordo, Portugal. Here is a “hands […]

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