On the road

Some photos from Skåne and Dalarna in Sweden (all with Nikon D300). Öresundsbron, the bridge between Sweden and Denmark:

When I took these photos I had a scary experience. I first used the 18-55 II lens…

…and when I switched to the 55-200VR I dropped the lens – about a meters fall on concrete… Horror – but the lens bounced a little and showed no damage except some small marks on the rubber focusing ring.
I immediatly tried it, to see if it was working. To my surprise it looked as sharp as ever.

The incident made me think that plastic build maybe is not so bad after all. But also that maybe I should finally get that 18-200 VR superzoom…
The bridge again:

Brösarps Backar. Active D-Lightning, 18-55 II lens.


Simrishamn, 18-55:

Sundborn, Dalarna:

The famous home of the swedish painter Carl Larson, where he and his wife Karin introduced the so called scandinavian style of interior design . It was forbidden to take photos indoors.

Summer night, Svärdsjö, Dalarna:

The good life:


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