Hands on reports

Under this headline I plan to publish personal user reports of camera equipment. The first entry is my mini review of the Nikkor 18-200 zoom lens. Read about it here.

Read the mini review about the Nikkor 55-200VR lens here.

I added a mini review about the Nikkor 17-55 2.8 here.

My mini review of Nikon D40.

My thoughts about the Nikon D300.


2 Responses to “Hands on reports”

  1. Hi,have D70+18-70 lens and now D40 *18-55 lens.I love D40’s quality,clearer pictures and think it improves over D70 image quality.Would 17-55 2.8 lens improve image [the weight is a burden] and make it worh the bother?Does the D300 image quality really surpass D40.I like D40’s small,easy way but image is the bottom line.You never reviewed 18-70 lens.??? Thanks JAY

  2. Hi jay,
    the 17-55 is an improvement in low light, if you want shallow DOF, sharpness and contrast at short to medium distance – but check inifinity performance on your sample if you get one. However, IMO it s very big and heavy on a D40. Personally I would rather look at a 16-85 for the d40, but I think the kit lens is fine and outstanding value. The D300 has higher resolution, a little bit better high ISO at 3200. Subjectively I think the images are little smoother but a little less punchy than those from D40 – so in some ways it is a matter of taste. 18-70 – my copy was fine on my D100 but lacks a bit in corner sharpness at 18 mm on my D300. It is good on the long end though.

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